Katie's Craft Corner: Online tutorials

While there are lots of crafts that can be learned through first-person teaching and books, the internet is becoming the most popular way to learn a new art by far. When writing this column, I sometimes look to the World Wide Web for inspiration, and between my own searching and word-of-mouth suggestions, I’ve come across some excellent websites and blogs.

If you like sewing clothes but aren’t impressed with most commercial patterns available at the craft store (they’re too difficult, delicate, unpredictable, etc) check out Working with Eager Hands (workingwitheagerhands.blogspot.com).

At only 18 years old, Olivia, the site’s incredibly talented administrator, shows you how to use clothes you already own as a template for sewing projects. Got a favorite top and wish you have more than one of it? She shows you how to use it as a pattern for making a shirt (no cutting or ripping of the original required) so identical that the only difference you’ll see is the fabric.

The site is not 100 percent tutorials. Some of the posts are walkthroughs of how she did certain projects, but for people with good sewing skills, these will offer enough instructions to replicate. Many of her projects are “upcycled” from thrift store finds, my favorite being a walkthrough of a casual, flattering skirt she made from a pair of men’s twill pants.

An eclectic blog with simple crafts is the popular Freckled Fox (freckled-fox.com). Well-known for her hair tutorials showcasing her ravishing red locks, The Freckled Fox’s blogger, Emily, also has a good collection of sweetly rustic DIY projects. Calico wrapped clothes hangers, fruity lip balm and huge vintage inspired corkboards are different and entirely doable.

As a wife and mom in her 20s, Emily’s projects range from young and punchy (sassy new ways to lace your converse sneakers) to homey and sweet (an earring holder made from lace and a frame). Her spray paint and wood silhouette wall hangings are also really cool.

If you’re into home DIYs, Little Green Notebook (littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com) is full of elegant bohemian organization solutions and furniture overhauls. LGN’s blogger Jenny Komenda is a seasoned interior decorator whose work has appeared on HGTV, and her projects often include flea market finds.

Projects like neon painted glass bowls and faux distressed mirrors make for simple evening crafts and others, like the absolutely stunning upholstered tufted headboard, can be tackled in a weekend or two.

Whether you’re looking to make your own clothes or upcycle home décor, the internet is a great place for tutorials and inspiration, so go forth and do it yourself.

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