ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Eastern Michigan University students share their best, worst dates ever

The plush pink holiday known as Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating the strange and sometimes uncomfortable human mating ritual of dating. Some Eastern Michigan University students took the time to share their most memorable dates – both the awfully cute and the plain awful – with The Eastern Echo.

“This one time we went to a coffee shop and my date wouldn’t talk. He would give one word answers. Later on, I texted him and said, ‘Hey, I’m not that interested in you,’ and he like went off like ‘How dare you! You weren’t even that great anyways!’”

-Natalie Sanford, junior literature major

“I dated this girl for five months and I knew her since preschool. Her brother got a hold of me and then we linked up and really hit it off – we hadn’t spoken for six years! We hung out a couple times but our first time going out was on the Fourth of July and our first kiss was during the fireworks. It was like the movies.”

-Lukas Bassett, junior nursing major

“We went to the movies and we were getting out of the car. He closed the door but it didn’t shut all the way, so he decided to shove his ass into the door to close it. I still have a dent in my passenger side door.”

-Teariea Phillips, sophomore electronic media major

“I went swing dancing and I stepped on her feet like four or five times.”

-Michael Herman, senior theatre and communication major

“I have this friend, he and this girl were gonna have their first date on Valentine’s Day, but she had to go to a funeral home. He decided it would be a good idea to surprise her there. He wouldn’t give me the details.

-Jake Dishman, freshman elementary education major

“My high school boyfriend got his mom’s car and I found out it had a kill switch where if you don’t pay the bill, it won’t work. We were getting ready to leave but the car just wouldn’t start! His parents had to pick us up.”

-Mia Treadway, senior communication major

“I was going on a double date to the movies and everyone was 18, but I was 17, so I couldn’t get into the movie.”

-Trent McClain, freshman biology major

“My last girlfriend, we’re both into art. My favorite day with her, we just drew all day and watched ‘Ghostbusters.’”

-Jacob Spencer, freshman simulation, animation and gaming major

“My worst date was my hand fell asleep.”

-David Hallman, freshman undecided major

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