Students take the plunge

Lizzy Krochmalny and Rachel Lange jumped hand in hand.

Eastern Michigan University students literally took the plunge at Delta Sigma Phi’s Second Polar Plunge event on Wednesday.

Students took to jumping into the frigid waters of University Lake in front of Big Bob’s Lake House on campus.

Those who participated in the event paid to jump into the water ranging from $75 to $100 with proceeds going to the American Red Cross of Washtenaw County. There were also opportunities for non-jumpers to donate. Checks and cash-money donations were accepted at the event.

When the students emerged from the lake, they immediately bundled up in towels and were given piping hot chocolate to warm their innards.

One student jumped in a fairy costume, while others remained in regular shirts and t-shirt attire.
EMU student and communications major Joey Stinson jumped last year with a full-on suit and tie set.

“It’s awfully cold,” Stinson said about the water. He also said that he got out immediately and didn’t feel the chill anymore and attributed it to slight shock.

“It was awesome,” he said. “But I’d never do it again.”

EMU hotel and restaurant management major, Chris Crawford, who is also a member of the fraternity, jumped into the water with a purple leotard suit on.

“I feel hyped,” Crawford said when he was drying off in the Lake House. “It was great. Lots of adrenaline.”

He said that getting out of the water was the worst because his whole body felt like it was being pricked with pins and needles.

EMU business major and vice president of the fraternity, Jordan Kahse, said that every cent he’s raised for the Red Cross has been through generous friends and family and has totaled $117 for the cause.

Kahse also jumped and he agreed that the worse thing wasn’t jumping in, but getting out of the water.

Two members of the Ypsilanti Fire Department Cliff Pope and Greg Brierly, were on hand to make sure that everyone stayed safe during the event.

Scuba diver, Chris Gula, stayed in the water as the students jumped to help them in case there was sudden shock or any other accident.

EMU elementary education major in social studies, Amanda Wright, said that she did not jump last year, but attended the event.

“It was on my bucket list,” Wright said after her jump at this year’s event. “It’s going toward a great cause.”

When the event ended at 3 p.m., 11 students in total had jumped into the lake and donations had reached $1,172.

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