An apple a day isn't the only thing keeping the doctors away

It’s amazing when you’re able to peel back layers of different subjects to reveal things that may not have been present beforehand. I attach this notion to the subject of health.

Usually when people think about health or living a healthy lifestyle, they think of the consumption of fruit and vegetables, working out on a regular basis and getting an adequate amount of sleep every day. While these things are important, they are also only a mere hindsight view of what it truly means to be healthy altogether, or responsible for your health. There are other layers of health that are often overlooked because society doesn’t broadcast them as much, but that does not mean that they don’t hold as much significance as the others.

But through all means, I will explain some other areas of personal health that may surprise you.
These same tips can also be used as ways to release some of those emotions and feelings that are caused by the winter and bitter cold weather.


Now the first thing that people attach to prayer is religion, which is true. Religion and prayer are in direct correlation just like a mother’s love toward her children. But you don’t have to be the most religious person to pray. God lives within all of us, so naturally we inherit the ability to confess with our mouths our desires, our struggles, our wishes, etc. to him. I strongly suggest that individuals pray on a daily basis in order to stay spiritually healthy.


Meditation is one of the oldest forms of sustaining balance and stillness in one’s internal being.
Sometimes in our busy lives, we tend to operate at such a fast pace that our entire mind, body, and spirit is interrupted and, in turn, this leads to stress, anxiety and fear. This is why meditation is necessary in life. Being still and relaxed restores a sense of calmness in one’s spirit, and it also translated into being healthy as well.

Your Energy:

Your energy has everything to do with your health and well-being. Having a positive outlook, doing gestures that stem from love and not negativity and also just being aware of yourself at all times constitutes a healthy individual. Furthermore, when you are fundamentally healthy and positive, then you indeed will spread it towards others that may not be in the same frame of mind and attitude that you’re in, thus making the universe reward you for your good deed.

These are just some of the many tactics that attribute to one’s health. Far more than anything, health should be one of the top priorities for all individuals. So slip into a gap of silence sometimes, release your desires, and strive to be the best you possible.

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