Instagram page displays success of EMU students

“I don’t mind helping and encouraging someone and showing them a positive side of themselves,” said Eastern Michigan University senior Mone’ Cross, who recently created an Instagram page called emu_success. The page features students from EMU who have made a positive impact on the community or anyone who has done anything successful. Currently, the page displays uplifting images of present EMU students as well as alumni.

With over 500 followers in a few weeks since the page has been created, it is beginning to get a lot of attention. Cross said the page was created as a counterattack to an Instagram page that featured negative representations of women attending EMU.

“I kept seeing people posting pictures from the page disrespecting these women, and I just had enough,” said Cross. “People always want to point out the negative about a person so I wanted to try posting something positive. I wanted to give some inspiration out of the negative.”

Since the page has been created, Cross has gotten many different reactions to it, some good and some bad.

“I was contacted to make the page into an organization on campus where both students and alumni can come and participate in panels that is just revolving around success,” said Cross. “I’ve also gotten backlash for it because a guy said it wasn’t diverse enough. I wanted to address my shattered culture first then branch out to people of different cultures and races.”

In order to be featured on the emu_success page you have to send a direct message with a picture of yourself or anyone you want featured, along with a short sentence or paragraph stating why you or that person is considered successful.

“I won’t post anything with backgrounds of club scenes, liquor bottles or smoking because that is not what I am trying to represent,” said Cross. “Overall, if this page touches one person, that is enough in itself, but if it touches numerous people that’s even greater.”

If you’re interested in keeping up with the progress of this Instagram page, you can follow them at emu_success.

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