International Student Association to present Colors in Harmony

On Saturday, March 15, the International Student Association will be presenting Colors in Harmony, a cultural talent and fashion show celebrating diversity at Eastern Michigan University, in the Student Center Auditorium. This year will be the 15th annual showing of Colors in Harmony, and it is expected to be a sold-out show. The event will take place from 6-8 p.m.

Colors in Harmony began in 1999 as a way for students to showcase their talents and culture through performances and a fashion show. Performances, which will include traditional dances, fashion and music, will be as diverse and rich with culture as the students are. This event is a way to learn about the backgrounds and cultures of students that make EMU’s campus unique.

The International Student Association is an organization of both international and American students who strive to “create awareness of the diversity of cultures of EMU’s international students” and also to “help create a more globally sensitive environment,” as it states on their homepage.

Mahdi Alkadib, the vice president of the International Student Association, says that this event will take the audience “on a trip around the world in 2 hours” and students will be able to see “how their fellow students celebrate their cultures.” Alkadib said those going to show should “be ready to see over 150 people in 19 performances from 15 different cultures on stage in one night.”

Alkadib said he has been working very closely with Ilkhomjon Amanov, the president of the International Student Association, to arrange this event. Together they have “been working to organize this event, from coordinating with the performers and volunteers to making the necessary arrangements with EMU’s departments.” Alkadib personally will be managing the backstage, as he did last year, “to make sure the flow of the shows go smoothly.” With over 130 performers and 20 volunteers, there is a lot of work going into this event.

Alkadib noted that last year there were around 16 performances, a few less than this year, and the tickets had sold out. “Unfortunately, there are only 230 seats in EMU’s Auditorium for the audience, so we are expecting to be sold out,” he said

Ticket information and sales can be found at the Student Center, Convocation Center and Quirk Hall. Student tickets are $7 and non-student tickets are $9.

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