Know the signs of cheating

Selfishness is the factor that sets the timer to a huge bomb in an intimate relationship. Someone cheating on their significant other can bring a tremendous amount of intensity and distrust into a relationship.

But there are signs. Before we analyze those signs, let’s take a second to define the true meaning of cheating. Cheating is when one party of an intimate relationship strays to another person seeking or accomplishing the same type of romantic acts they do with their partner. We all have a sweet tooth and that desire to dip our hand into the cookie jar, but mature people are able to stay devoted and remain loyal to their special someone.

For the dishonest species that chooses the secret life of betrayal, here are a few tips on how to detect if a person is cheating on you:

1. Phone and text tone – In the beginning, you learn your partner’s dialect and phone patterns.
Their lingo, how they respond and when they don’t use their phone. If your lover is all of a sudden concerned with their phone when they’re with you, be cautious, especially if that doesn’t usually happen. Unknown numbers on their Caller ID are bad news. Not all couples text each other when they go out, but if you’re one of couples that do, and your partner happens to be in the company of others of the opposite sex, and doesn’t text like normal, it’s a cause for concern. Lastly, when you decide to make an arbitrary call to your lover and they don’t answer, but instead text you afterwards, that’s cause for concern.

2. Social media – Hiding the relationship status and making excuses not to change their relationship status on social media isn’t what people do when they’re together. We all have those cute conversations on text and feel so special. When attempting to do the same on a Facebook picture/post and they ignore it, that screams nothing but shady.

3. Public knowledge – Couples who are really attracted to each other don’t care about anything but each other and want the world to know they’re together. If your partner is suddenly putting themselves out there, flirting and can’t kiss you or hold your hand in front of certain people, then that raises a red flag.

4. The obvious – If it’s apparent when your lover avoids sexual contact, lies about who they’re with and what they’re doing, it’s time to raise the eyebrows. Never trust any person who constantly accuses you of cheating. We all know what that means.

Unfortunately, there are multiple people who don’t believe in loyalty. With these tips, you’ll be able to beat them to the punch and smash the icing in the face of the one who likes to have their cake and eat it too.

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