Matt on Music: Mø & Skrillex

I’m reviewing two electronic albums this week, though I’m not sure Mø’s album even fits that description. Despite its earworm single “XXX 88,” the rest of her repertoire shows a lot of different directions. Too many, in fact.

Meanwhile, Skrillex continues to know what he’s great at.

Skrillex: “Recess” (Big Beat/OWSLA/Atlantic) Since he’s spent the past few years perfecting the art of the EP, it’s not irrational to question his ability to create a masterful full-length. But, man, did he ever.

From the brilliantly-titled opener “All is Fair in Love and Brostep” to the bizarrely basic Chance the Rapper feature “Coast is Clear,” this accomplishes everything a Skrillex album should, while expanding what’s to be expected of him.

Then there’s “Dirty Vibe,” which features not only Diplo, but also K-pop rappers G-Dragon and CL – who just happened to record my favorite song of last year, “The Baddest Female.” Complain all you want, but there hasn’t been an LP this consistently fun in years. Grade: A

Mø: “No Mythologies to Follow” (Chess Club/RCA Victor) “XXX 88” was one of last year’s most astonishingly terrific singles, but this is a disappointment.

At times, she comes off like another faux-Lana Del Rey, not wanting to embrace the Diplo-fueled electropop of her finest single and instead going for the dull indielectronica of her earlier single “Maiden” that lead people to compare her to Purity Ring.

It’s all the sadder now that she’s shown she can be better than that. Grade: B

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