Women's golf team finishes in 7th place at Rio Verde Invitational

The Eastern Michigan University women’s golf team competed in the Rio Verde Invitational in Rio Verde, Ariz., March 7-9. It finished the tournament in seventh place.

Kelsey Murphy was the high soaring Eagle this weekend finishing in 13th place overall in the tournament. This is Murphy’s third top-15 placement on the leaderboards of her career at Eastern Michigan University, after competing in only eight tournaments so far.

Previous Top-15 Completions for Kelsey Murphy:

14th place at Mary Fossum Invitational (Debut)

Third place at Nittany Lion Invitational

Round One

The Eagles landed themselves in third place after round one of the tournament. Murphy and Lois Schoof both shot 74’s landing in a tie for 12th place.

Murphy in 12th with a score of 74 ( 3)

Schoof in 12th with a score of 74 ( 3)

Corey Crossan in 23rd with a score of 76 ( 5)

Karyn Lee Ping in 28th with a score of 77 ( 6)

Sylvie Williams in 85th with a score of 83 ( 12)

The University of Montana led the tournament after the first round.
Round Two

Crossan was the leading Eagle in the round two, shooting a 77. She remained in 23rd place at the end of the round. The Eagles fell back to sixth place at the end of round two.

Murphy dropped to 18th with a score of 78 ( 7)

Crossan remained in 23rd with a score of 77 ( 6)

Schoof dropped to 27th with a score of 81 ( 10)

Ping dropped to 31st with a score of 79 ( 8)

Williams improved to 81st with a score of 83 ( 12)

Xavier University improved to first in the tournament after round 2. Montana dropped to third.

Round Three

In round three, Murphy led the Eagles with a score of 74. This solidified her top-15 placement on the leaderboards. She finished in 13th place. The Eagles dropped to seventh place in the tournament.

Murphy improved to 13th with a score of 74 ( 3)

Crossan improved to 21st with a score of 76 ( 5)

Ping dropped to 41st with a score of 79 ( 8)

Schoof dropped to 57th with a score of 85 ( 14)

Williams improved to 69th with a score of 77 ( 6)

Xavier remained in first place to win the tournament.

Montana improved to 2nd place.

From March 24-25, the Eagles will be competing in the UALR Golf Classic in Hot Springs, Ark.

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