Dean of College of Education leaves Eastern

Jann Joseph is the outgoing Dean of Eastern Michigan University’s College of Education. Previously from Grand Valley State University, Joseph served EMU’s College of Education for three years. With her farewell party on Tuesday, Joseph will be leaving EMU to become the vice chancellor of student affairs at the Indiana University South Bend.

“I think she’s led the college through trying financial times,” President Susan Martin said. “It’s been great to have her here and we just want to congratulate [her] on behalf of the Board of Regents.”

Joseph also led the College of Education through a controversy this year. The voices against the Education Achievement Authority of Michigan grew the loudest in October 2013 when teachers unions in Washtenaw County announced they would boycott all EMU student teachers until the university withdrew from the interlocal agreement with the EAA.

The EAA assumes control of the lowest five percent of performing schools in the state of Michigan.
At this time, all EAA-controlled schools are in the Detroit Public Schools system.

At EMU, Students for an Ethical and Participatory Education and the coalition of people against the EAA have led the movement against the university’s involvement in the interlocal agreement with the EAA. Over and over, these groups have called for EMU to withdraw from the EAA. This backlash resulted in multiple protests and a sit-in protest, still underway at Welch Hall.

The protesters declined to comment on Joseph.

“I think she’s handled a lot of complicated situations with grace and tried to find a common ground where we as a college can bring our expertise to try to help children and teachers do their best,” Martin said.

Kim Schatzel, Provost and vice president of academic and student affairs, said Joseph added great value to the College of Education.

“She’s had an impact that’s been very external. She’s brought a lot of people to the college to raise the reputation as well as bring the faculty together to work on projects for the good of the college

“People matter to me, relationships matter,” Joseph said. “I truly believe that people can get along, they can be happy and they can do very difficult work and be very productive. And that has been what I have tried to live in my life, what I have tried to share. I feel like I didn’t just pass through EMU. I hope you will remember me as I will and as fondly as I will remember you.”

As the vice chancellor for student affairs at IU South Bend, Joseph will be responsible for protecting the privacy of students, ensuring administrator’s autonomy, represent academic affairs to the rest of the university, and support team decisions.

“It’s a great opportunity, it’s a great institution,” Joseph said. “A smaller institution with a chance to move up. I couldn’t miss that opportunity.”

“We wish you the best and come back and see us,” Martin said.

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