Desmond Miller officially named winner in Presidential election

Student Government continues with business as usual while they wait for a new President and Vice President.

The Desmond Miller and Steven Cole ticket was named the winner of the 2014 Eastern Michigan University student government presidential election this evening. Write-in ticket Fatma Jaber and Chris VanWashenova has been disqualified for multiple campaign violations, according to a report issued by student government Election Commission Chair, Nto Mbeng Agbor.

The report released by Agbor states the results of the commission’s proceedings. However, sources inside student government have leaked the full 77-page report detailing the investigation process and providing the evidence of Jaber’s campaign violations to The Eastern Echo. Both reports can be found here and here.

Student testimony, video footage and photographs show Jaber – in person – breaking campaign sanctions placed on her. Previous to this, Jaber had been warned that further violations would lead to her disqualification from the presidential election.

Jaber declined to comment on the results of the election or the findings of the Election Commission.

Incumbent and winner of the 2014 Student Government Presidential Election, Desmond Miller said he was happy to represent the student body for another year.

“Steven and I are overwhelmed with gratitude and honored that we were elected as Student Body President and Vice President,” Miller said. “I am excited to have the opportunity to continue the work that I have the done for the past two years. I am also excited to work with my good friend and student advocate, Steven Cole. He will be an exceptional Student Body Vice President and teammate”

Jaber has the option of appealing the Election Commission’s results under section 8.4 of the Bylaws of the EMU student government.

If filed, the appeal would be sent to the Provost Kim Schatzel. Schatzel could decide to hear and decide the dispute herself, or appoint two designees to hear and decide the dispute. One of the designees must be a student.

The Election Commission did not investigate Jaber’s Senatorial campaign. Out of the 24 Senatorial candidates, she received the most votes. Under chapter 8 of the Student Government bylaws, the Student Senate may decide if further action against Jaber’s Senatorial seat is necessary.

The Eastern Echo will publish more detailed information as it is disseminated and uncovered.

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