Search continues for new Student Affairs associate VP

Eastern Michigan University is looking to hire on a new associate vice president of Student Affairs.
Calvin Phillips, John Berry and Timothy Wise are the candidates who have been given the chance to present their goals for EMU.

John Berry, Ph.D., held his presentation, “Leadership Vision for Student Affairs within the EMU Integrated Academic and Student Affairs Division,” at EMU’s Student Center on Monday.

Berry, who now serves as Dean of Students/Director of Student Affairs at the Ohio State University and Central Ohio Technical College, was also employed as VP for Enrollment Management and Student Life at COTC.

His education includes a doctorate of philosophy in higher education, a master of science in education and a bachelor of arts in political science.

Berry said that it is beneficial to positively influence students.

“We’re all a product of everyone we’ve met throughout our lives,” he said. “And education is the answer to any question or challenge.”

His presentation covered the concept of leadership.

A few concepts Berry plans to follow are: real change and outcome, an equal voice which is to be reciprocated by others so their voices can be heard, creating change for good and producing a shared vision.

“I want critical feedback and response,” he said. “Leadership makes a difference and I don’t take that lightly.”

Berry said that to be involved in a leadership position, one has to be enthusiastic and love what they do.

“People should choose a leader for integrity,” he said. “Not just their image.”

Berry also said that he would try to have increased integration with academic and student affairs.
“This is better off for students in and out of the classrooms,” he said.

Berry also said that student outcome should be focused on resources, success and growth.

“Being an effective leader means you know your strength and you invest in other’s strengths,” he said.

Berry said that another goal is to understand, relate and communicate to educate the student body, and that it’s important to build a rapport to collaborate and communicate well with others.

“Sometimes, when you’re a leader, you have to challenge the status quo,” he said. “And also have the confidence to innovate.”

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