Student Government election commission continues investigation

Student Government continues with business as usual while they wait for a new President and Vice President.

The March 27 election results for student government president and vice-president are still in limbo as the Student Government Election Commission continues to investigate reports of improprieties to the election process.

Leigh Greden, Eastern Michigan University’s Vice President for Government and Community Relations and Student Government adviser told The Eastern Echo in a statement, “The investigation into the election is moving forward.”

The Eastern Echo reported Monday; the Student Government Election Commission is handling the investigation internally. Greden confirmed he serves on the Commission and is assisting them in the investigation.

Greden also confirmed attorneys from the University’s General Counsel’s Office have attended every meeting the Election Commission has had in regards to alleged campaign violations.

“To further ensure a fair and thorough process, and to assist the Commission in its work, both I and attorneys from the University’s Legal Affairs office are attending each of the Commission’s meetings,” Greden said.

A detailed report of the investigation will be released at the conclusion of the investigation with the results of the election. The report will disclose all pertinent information regarding the investigation process.

“Student Government has in place a very careful process for determining whether campaign violations have occurred and how serious they are,” Greden said “This is the job of the students on the Election Commission. They are thoughtful in their deliberations and take their responsibilities seriously.”

According to Greden, the Election Commission is reviewing a number of allegations they were made of aware of during the election. The Election Commission is examining all relevant evidence to the allegations and is committed to conducting a fair and thorough investigation process.

“We respect the right of all persons involved in the process to be treated fairly, to have the evidence heard by the Election Commission, and to not have that evidence disclosed to the public before the process has concluded,” Greden said. “For this reason, we will not comment on any of the allegations at this time.”

Greden asked the public to be patient and wait for the Commission’s report.

Rules governing student body elections are addressed in chapter 6 of their by-laws. The by-laws can be found at

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