Board of Regents briefs for June 10

Board of Regents briefs for June 10

Board of Regents approves FY2015 Budget

The Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents approved Tuesday a $301.9 million general fund operating expenditure budget. Included in the budget is a $4.6 million increase in university-sponsored financial aid, bringing the total amount of financial aid sponsored by EMU to $43.8 million.

“This budget represents our unwavering and strong support of student success,” EMU President Susan Martin said. “We have doubled our University-sponsored financial aid over the last seven years, we remain focused in developing high-demand academic fields for our students, and we continue to be among the state leaders in tuition restraint.”

Board of Regents officially approves tuition increase

The Board of Regents formally approved Tuesday a 3.2 percent increase in tuition and mandatory fees for the Fall 2014 semester. The total cost, according to the university, amounts to $10 per student per credit hour, or $299 for the school year.

The increase was originally proposed at the March 26 meeting.

Board of Regents approves athletic budget for 2014-15 year

The Board of Regents approved Tuesday a $11,654,500 expense budget for the Athletic Department, a $927,600 increase from the previous fiscal year. Included in the budget is nearly $825,000 in “game day guarantees”, or money the Athletic Department can spend at its own discretion.

New major and minor announced

The Board of Regents approved Tuesday a new major and minor, starting in Fall 2015. A Master’s of Arts in Taxation and interdisciplinary leadership minor were proposed by the Educational Policies Committee and approved by the Board of Regents.

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