EMU student-athletes find success in classroom

On Monday, June 2 the EMU Student-Athlete Support Services office announced that EMU student-athletes had continued to show their success in the classroom, ending the Winter 2014 semester with a 3.145 grade point average. This was the ninth consecutive semester the Eagles have surpassed the 3.0 mark.

“Our academic performance is a direct reflection of the quality of student-athletes here at Eastern Michigan University,” said Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Heather Lyke. “The emphasis our coaches place on academic achievement along with the commitment of our academic support staff is reflected in all of our student-athletes’ success in the classroom. Having 15 of our 21 teams earn over a 3.0 cumulative GPA illustrates the comprehensive academic excellence within our program. We are extremely proud of our student-athletes.”

“We are so proud of the academic success of our student-athletes,” Erin Burdis, EMU Assistant Athletic Director for Academics added. “To continually achieve a high level of success truly exemplifies the standard of excellence that is expected throughout the department. The effort put in by each and every student-athlete, coach and staff member really makes this a team achievement. We are thrilled to have such dedicated student-athletes, and we are proud of their accomplishments as a whole.”

The cross country team led all men’s teams in the Winter 2014 with a 3.557 GPA. The best women’s GPA was from the women’s golf team who boasted a 3.757.

In total there were 36 student-athletes who posted 4.0 GPAs during Winter semester. The Women’s Rowing and Soccer teams had the most number of athletes with 4.0 semester GPAs with five athletes on each team respectively. There were 315 student-athletes, or 64 percent, that had 3.0 or better GPAs.

Overall, the Winter 2014 cumulative GPA for all student-athletes was the department’s second-best tally in history at 3.145.

Highlights for 2014 Winter Semester • Number of student-athletes above a 3.0 Semester GPA: 315 (63.6%) • Number of student-athletes above a 3.0 Cumulative GPA: 327 (66.1%) • Total Number of Teams with a 3.0 GPA: 14 (73.7%) • Total Number of Teams with a 3.0 Cumulative GPA: 15 (78.9%) • 495 student-athletes attempted 7,203 credits this winter and 6,769 were passed (94.0%)

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