Ypsilanti Police investigating criminal sexual assault

The Ypsilanti Police Department is investigating a report of a criminal sexual assault case that happened at around 11 p.m. Tuesday. According to a timely warning sent by Eastern Michigan University’s Department of Public Safety, the victim was a male and not a student at EMU.

The unidentified victim was approached by a heavy-set, black male in a silver Ford Taurus while walking east along Huron River Drive near McDonalds. The suspect offered to give the victim a ride.

The victim accepted the offer, but reported the suspect ignored his directions. When the victim attempted to exit the vehicle, he reported that the suspect grabbed him and prevented him from escaping.

The suspect then drove him to the north parking lot of Frog Island Park in Depot Town, where the suspect allegedly sexually assaulted the victim. After the assault, the suspect drove the victim to the area of Hamilton & Forrest and released him.

The victim was taken to the hospital after reporting the incident to police.

The suspect was described as a heavy-set, African-American male, around five foot nine, 250 pounds, clean shaven, wearing a gray shirt and dark jeans. The car was described as a silver 2000 or 2002 Ford Taurus. The windshield is reportedly cracked and the driver’s side parking light is broken.

The Ypsilanti Police Department chose not to comment, as this is an ongoing investigation. If you have any information regarding the case, please contact Det. Thomas Eberts of the Ypsilanti police department at (734) 483-9510 or the EMU police at the Department of Public Safety at (734) 487-1222.

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