Jimi Hendrix's unforgettable career

Jimi Hendrix was a guitar hero. He is considered one of the most influential guitarists in history, revolutionizing music with endless possibilities coming from an electric guitar. Though this legend’s music career lasted only four short years, it is an unforgettable one.

“The Cry of Love” is a Jimi Hendrix album released in 1971, a year after Hendrix died from drug overdose. This album is a favorite among the posthumous Hendrix collection and was reissued this September on vinyl and CDs.

The psychedelic, swaggering songs from this EP, “The Cry of Love” were in fact intended for an album entitled “First Rays of the New Rising Sun.” The announced double LP remains unfinished in the wake of Hendrix’s death but would have contained all of the songs on this EP’s track list. It is, however, by no means a disappointment and brought us hard hitters like “Freedom,” “Angel,” and “Ezy Rider,” songs that kept the legacy of Jimi Hendrix alive.

This month has been very busy in reviving Hendrix’s name; we have seen the reissue and remaster of “Rainbow Bridge” and “The Cry of Love,” for starters. The Experience Hendrix tour also kicked off this year, beginning on September 19th. A new movie, a biopic titled “All Is By My Side,” premieres later this week as well, documenting the story of Jimi during his first 12 months of fame. All of this is a celebration of the music and the mythic story that is Jimi Hendrix.

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