Students for Life's Planned Parenthood Project comes to EMU


Eastern Michigan University Students for Life participated in the Planned Parenthood Project outside Pray-Harrold Monday afternoon.

EMU Students for Life is a chapter of the Students for Life of America organization. The Planned Parenthood Project is taking place on 40 other college campuses across 20 states. The project educates women on what Planned Parenthood does and gives them alternatives in the area.

“We want women to know their options it isn’t just planned parenthood,” said Julia Leake, a member of EMU Students for Life and a sophomore at EMU.

Members of the organization were outside from about 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. handing out information about centers in the area that help with a “crisis” pregnancy, cards for the EMU Student for Life organization and information regarding the cons of Planned Parenthood.

“Maybe if women knew more about Planned Parenthood, they wouldn’t go overall I think this is a great stand,” said Debora Lazarean a freshman member of EMU Students for Life

President of EMU Students for Life, Katie Perrotta, was around all day answering questions and giving out information.

“We have been getting a lot of support,” she said.

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Some students and faculty raised the question of whether or not this demonstration was allowed on campus.

The university does not have to authorize a protest to take place.

This protest took place in a public area, so the demonstration was allowed to happen because of the freedom of speech granted in the First Amendment. Whether the protest is a Pro-Life or Pro-Choice doesn’t affect the right to freedom of speech.

The Planned Parenthood Project has toured to Central Michigan University as well as Grand Valley State University. EMU was one of three Michigan stops. The tour continues to other campuses throughout the United States for the next 8 weeks.

EMU Students for Life participates in in several events throughout the year both on and off campus. For those interested you can find them on Facebook or on the EMU website.

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