"The Last Internationale" releases impressive debut album


A trio named “The Last Internationale” formed in New York in 2008. Six years later, they have produced an impressive debut album, “We Will Reign”. Beginning with the track “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Indian Blood,” a powerful, upbeat track with drums that come crashing down on you, the album captures your interest from the start.

Delila Paz takes the lead with vocals from the get-go. Her clear and dramatic voice, infused with passion, is too strong to ignore, which makes the point of her songs much easier to convey. The tracks are heavily laden with the ideas of fighting back, justice and freedom. Instead of coming across as self-righteous and preach-y, The Last Internationale brings back some of the magic of 60’s folk protest music, but not as a repeat: Instead, it is more of a re-interpretation.

Blues and rock influences are unmistakable as well. Edgey Pires on the guitar brings in fierce solos and unique riffs that support and are supported by Brad Wilk’s drums and Paz’s vocals. Some songs, including “Devil’s Dust,” hold traces of country-style strumming that add even more depth and diversity to the album.

The softer tracks in the middle deliver a more poetic and introspective side of the album, even if they don’t transition very smoothly. The lyrics are compelling, but are led into straight from a pounding “Killing Fields” and then lead back to the stomping beat in “Fire.”

Still, the entire album oozes confidence and edge, finished off perfectly by “1968,” a sharp, bright glimpse into what this band can do.

Grade: A-

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