Things to read as the leaves change

It has been an amazing, hot summer filled with lazy days, friends, fun and family. As school approaches in the fall, reading fanatics and bookstores everywhere are gearing up for the brand new haul of books. In celebration of the fall spirit, I condensed a list of hot, soon to be bestsellers to be on the lookout for.

1) Tell Me by Joan Bauer
Overview: Twelve year old Anna is trying to start a fresh, new life away from her parent’s messy divorce by moving in with her grandmother Mim into a small, peaceful town where the motto “nothing bad ever happens in Rosemont” is engrained in the townspeople. Everything seems to be looking up for Anna, but when she encounters a young and frightened girl who appears to be held captive, Anna must make a decision that will change the town forever.
Available on Sept. 16, 2014

2) Revival by Stephen King
Overview: If you are a diehard Stephen King fan, than make sure you’re the first to grab this book. This book is everything King represents; murder, mystery, supernatural elements, and of course some of the hard hitting fiction. Everything is set half a century in a New England town where a boy named Jamie encounters a Reverend named Charles and his wife, who are anything but what they claim to be. After developing a close relationship, Jamie discovers the Reverend’s secret obsession. As things develop between Jamie and Charles, there is devastating tragedy in Jamie’s family that shakes the entire town. After encountering Charles again, Jamie soon discovers that the consequences are more than hellish.
Available Nov. 11, 2014

3) The World of Post Secret by Frank Warren
Overview: Post Secret was an online community started by business savvy Frank Warren as part of a community art project. Ever since its initial launch in 2004, Post Secret has received over 150,000 anonymous postcards. Post Secret has also been awarded Weblog of the year at the annual weblog awards among being awarded two Webby awards in 2006 and awarded by the National Mental Health Association for raising money and awareness for mental health issues. If you have always wanted to know what other people secretly think, don’t hesitate to grab this one!
Available Nov. 4, 2014

4) Haunted by Kay Hooper
Overview: Melanie is the younger sister of Deacon James who also happens to be the prime suspect of a suspicious, paranormal murder of two men in the small Georgian town of Sociable. Trinity Nichols is an investigator who left the busy, high-stress city life for the quiet, slower pace of a small town. She realizes that there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to Sociable and the people who live there. She must now work together with Deacon James and an unusual group of FBI agents to solve the strange chain of events that will leave the town forever in unimaginable disarray.
Available Sept. 2, 2014

5) Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown Up by Grace Helbig
Overview: Grace Helbig is a recognized comedian, YouTube personality, and actress among other things. She has been recognized on influential lists such as Forbes 30 under 30, and Fast Company’s 100 Best People in Business. We all know that growing up has never been an easy task. From dating woes (like giving up her virginity based on the sole fact that her date took her to Macaroni Grill), to balancing work and a social life (if that’s even possible), Grace gives us tips and hilarious personal testaments as to why being an adult doesn’t necessarily mean growing up.
Available Oct. 21, 2014

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