Three tips for surviving your freshman year

The summer is coming to a close and the school year is quickly approaching. Many students have said goodbye to their high school homies and are embarking on a new journey- the college life.

For some students the transition from high school to college is effortless, but for others who are like me it might be a little bit of a struggle. In high school you may have been a big fish in a small pond, but now that you’re in college you are back down on the totem pole. It can be scary but I promise that it can get better and here are a few tips that were given to me to get me through my awkward college kid phase.

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to be you.
For the first semester of school I felt as if I had to adapt my personality to satisfy whomever I was spending my time with. I thought that it made me cool but instead it was a lonely experience being with people who didn’t know the real me. When it comes to forming real friendships you have to be yourself unapologetically. Exposing yourself to such vulnerability can be frightening in the beginning but when you meet people who are welcoming to you and have your best interest at heart, it can be rewarding and fulfilling.

Tip 2: Freedom vs. Responsibility
For those freshmen who will be staying on campus at the First Year Center (FYC) this will be the place where everything your parents told you not to do, you will someone have an itch to get involved in. There will be ridiculous nights that people on your floor will come up with like “Thirsty Thursdays” and “Lets Do Something to Piss Off Our RA Sundays” but you have to be better than that. The college years can be the best time of your life but remember you are in college for a reason. There are many ways you can have fun without drinking underage and risking your education, and making your RA want to trip every time they see you. Instead of being like everyone else you can be a trendsetter. Be the person who shows people that going to school events isn’t lame but a great way to make memories that you’ll never forget. Not everyone will see the difference you are making by not falling under the peer pressure, but the ones who you want to get to know will.

Tip 3: Dating
“College is the place where many people have met their spouses. Could that happen to me?” This is the thought I had every time a guy looked my direction not realizing he was checking out the girl behind me. Some of you will have this same thought and will freak out because your crush doesn’t realize that you exist. The one thing that gets my mind off of freaking out about meeting “the one” is realizing that I have my whole life ahead of me. Love will always be there in your life and just because it doesn’t happen on the first day doesn’t mean that you’ll never meet your dream guy or girl. Take time to enjoy being youthful and playful. Understand that there is nothing wrong with dating until your time comes.

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