Ice cream social brings students together

Eastern Michigan students tale their pick of the topping selection at the Ice Cream Social on 9 October at the EMU Student Center.

On Thursday an ice cream social was sponsored by the Homecoming committee at Eastern Michigan University to give students an opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones and meet other people.

“I brought my ESL students here to socialize,” said Svetlana Maksimchuk, an ESL lecturer at EMU. “Events like this are good for them to meet other students. Most of them are a little shy when they first come here, so I encourage them to go to events and meet people.”

There were a variety of toppings to give every student’s ice cream a special flavor of its own. An ice cream social hasn’t been the typical event that is hosted for students.

“I like it,” said Luqman Abdullah. “Usually they give us free sandwiches, so it’s nice to get something different. There’s a nice variety of toppings as well.”

Homecoming week is more than taking selfies with swoop and attending a miraculous football game. Homecoming week is about not only showing school spirit, but showing off your own kindred spirit and letting people see you shine.

“I like that they’re doing this for us,” said Anna Lindsley. “It’s nice how they’re promoting Eagle pride with an event like this.”

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