'Note Pillow' could satisfy students' napping needs

Have you ever taken a hoodie and turned it into a make-shift pillow on a classroom desk, trying to rest your head for a moment during a busy day? A Kickstarter campaign may satisfy your napping needs with the Note Pillow.

Created by Brandon Dean, the Note Pillow is a way for students to relax during those moments of downtime. The Note Pillow is made with one half-inch of dense foam and a flexible, stretchable fabric cover. The foam can be removed, allowing the fabric to be cleaned in a washer and dryer by turning it inside out. It is made to fit on any standard sized 8.5 x 11 inch notebook.

“When I was in school, I would always nap during study halls and was never able to get comfortable,” Dean said. “Life is stressful for high school and college students, there is no reason they can’t have a few minutes to rest their eyes throughout the day – the Note Pillow quickly and easily allows them to do just that.”

Dean envisions students coming to class with The Note Pillow already snug to a notebook. Giving students a chance to have a nap between arrival time and the instructor’s start to lecture, or to relax their cranium in between those late-night Halle Library study sessions.

“This is the smartest and stupidest thing since the chia pet,” Hope Houle, senior at Eastern Michigan University said after viewing the Kickstarter campaign video.

Dean has created a following of students on Twitter, but looks to expand the popularity of The Note Pillow by releasing similar covers for tablets, laptops and binders. As the product is currently available in blue and red, Dean hopes to add more colors and pattern options to his product line.

Dean’s Kickstarter goal is set at $15,000 for his product to reach market. Backers donating $15 receive a Note Pillow for their support.

Dean hopes this may also be an ideal product for those taking public transportation, as a way to rest against the window while subduing some of the vibration of motor and road. While for many students, it may be just another fad in the school yard scene, for other tired scholars like Dean, it may be an answer to their prayers.

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