Stay warm for homecoming

Homecoming week has begun and activities are in full swing. While students are trying to enjoy the festivities of spirit week, the weather has been getting chilly. But for the campus’ finest, they know that there is an outfit for every event and season.

We are in the thick of fall, which means textures, colorful leather, riding boots and studs the go-to accessories.

Layers: Layering your clothes will shield you from cold while making you look effortlessly fashionable. There is no specific recipe for putting together the perfect outfit using layers, but the best way to rock your layers is starting with a crisp dress shirt. You dress shirt can be pin stripped, your favorite color or polka dot. Once you pick your dress shirt it can be layered with anything. For ladies, top it off with a cozy sweater, an A-Line dress with a square neckline, or you can do it reverse style and wear your dress shirt over your favorite dress.

Textures: Textures can be incorporated into any outfit. A stylish way to use textures is to wear a chunky knit sweater with detailed rips to add a little sass. The purpose of a chunky sweater is to provide warmth, but with our generation some of us would rather be cute then protected from the cold. The detailed rips give this throwback fashion staple a twist by showing a little skin through the slits that are placed randomly. But be wary of the placement of these slits, as sweaters fit everyone differently. For those of you who are self-conscious about showing skin, a cute thing to wear underneath your chunky sweater is a camisole. Always keep this in your wardrobe. It is a lifesaver.

Leather: When some people hear the word leather they think of an edgy motorcycle jacket, but leather comes in more forms than a jacket. A staple for this cold weather is leather, or faux leather, pants and leggings. Wearing leather pants or leggings has been another style that has traveled through fashion history and it will never get old. Leather bottoms can be paired with any top, which is why every girl needs a pair in her closet. They also come in different colors and cuts.

Boots: Boots should be a go-to shoe for every girl this fall. There are various styles of boots, but a must-have is riding boots. Riding boots come in a leather texture and a variety of colors that are eye catchers. Also, riding boots come with different embellishments like studs, emblems, and even a high heel that has been crafted into a specific shape. Riding boots go best with dresses, shirts and over straight leg bottoms.

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