Students show spirit at homecoming kickoff

The parking lot in front of Buell Hall was closed off for the 2014 Homecoming kickoff bash Sunday. 

The brisk fall afternoon provided the perfect atmosphere for a get-together of friends and classmates. Students arrived, recognizing each other and greeted one another with hugs and shouts from across the lot. 

Students had fun at the event at boxing and jousting inflatables set up at the event.

Whether it was beating the snot out of a peer with a huge foam fist or showing-off at the basketball and football games, the students ran around playing like kids.

Free carnival-style food was provided to everyone. Sitting on the curb and enjoying the DJ, many started gravitating towards the dance floor. The DJ had everyone bouncing, singing and eventually full-out flailing in some cases. 

Even after the event ended at 8 p.m. students stuck around to celebrate the start of Homecoming week under the streetlights.

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