Verge Campus is more than just a concert

Following the success of the recent stop at EMU by Verge Campus, (featuring Chance the Rapper and Travis Scott) EMUZE, Verge’s parent company, is in search of a lively and unique campus atmosphere to extend and enhance the longevity of their company.

CEO and best-friend duo Brett Segall and Maxwell Zotz are creating a U.S. wide culture shift by creating not only a lively college event, and are now working toward launching a publication centered around college students and campus life.

The pair began EMUZE after attending Brandeis University, and set up their main offices in Boston's Back Bay, right around the corner from the Boston Public Garden. By creating their Verge Campus project, Segall and Zotz were able to establish their first tour in the spring of 2013 staring with Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki. After the success, they vowed to make this a spring and fall event, and were able to sign EDM act Krewella onto their last tour.

Segall explained the passions of EMUZE.

“As a part of Verge, we choose up-and-coming acts. The ones that are about to break,” he said.

The tour focuses its main acts on performers who will become big in the next few years, and that are connected to Hip-Hop, EDM and Alternative/Indie persuasions. They chose these particular genres to focus on because they want to create a diverse and likeable experience for everyone on campus.

The team already had experience working with the entertainment industry. Segall worked as an intern in Los Angeles in the entertainment sector and realized his passion for it, while Zotz was involved with production at Brandeis University while managing acts.

“When it comes to entertainment and business, you’re going to have highs and lows. Keep the end goal in mind,” Segall said.

This advice comes from experience for anyone trying to make it in an arts or entertainment community.

“It’s like jumping off a cliff and building a parachute while falling,” said Segall. “You have to remember why you started.”

Building passion for your work, and remembering why you wanted to choose this path, will help you better accomplish whatever you dreamed of doing.

The publication that is said to drop in the next few weeks at select colleges will include topics centered on lifestyle, art and technology. All the content is selected and written by students who actually attend the schools, creating job opportunities and great resume builders for students looking to be involved in journalism or entertainment fields.

This idea was generated by the team to build a stronger community with students on campus and to bring the entertainment industry to the forefront on campuses across the country.

By using EMUZE, the Social Media Magazine will use stories, photos, videos and updates from today’s networks to generate content, and will help entertainment lovers to experience the goings-on in real time. Students interested in working with either Verge Campus Tours or EMUZE are urged to contact the team at for more information.

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