College of Business announces digital engagement center

Eastern Michigan University announced the development of a Center for Digital Engagement Nov. 7, as the EMU College of Business seeks to expand its digital economy resources.

The announcement was made at EMU’s annual marketing workshop and at the annual conference held this year in the EMU Student Center.

The new center will offer hands-on training in the digital business community.

“These two endeavors have given our students the unique opportunity, shared by no other university in the nation, to engage in training in digital strategies with more than 100 client organizations,” said Professor Bud Gibson, chair for the new digital engagement center.

The center will be student-staffed. There will also be monthly planned guest lectures.

Organizations in the area such as Menlo Innovations and Google of Ann Arbor are offering scholarships and internships specifically to Eastern Michigan COB students, Gibson said.

“Digital is everywhere now, and it has changed substantially from even four years ago,” Gibson said. “Mobile has grown from under 10 percent to account for a majority of Web access on major websites, and Facebook has quintupled its advertising revenue to become a significant factor in digital efforts.”

The center will provide a rallying point in the college’s efforts to promote and grow its digital engagement academic programs that integrate marketing, information systems and management, Gibson said.

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