Eagle on the Street

“Yeah, so I get a chance to get a bunch of free shit and cause chaos.”

Kamari Tillman, sophomore, secondary English education major


The Holiday shopping season is quickly approaching and with it the dreaded Black Friday. The Echo asked students: Do you brave the crowds? Why or why not?


“I actually don’t because of the commotion and all of the people at one time.”

William Lambert, hotel and restaurant management, junior


“I used to, but not anymore because it’s too dangerous.”

Tranise Ross, junior, nursing major 


“I do not shop on Black Friday. I don’t shop at all, actually. I’m not a big shopper.”

Daryse Foether, senior, special education major


“Yes. Because you save money.”

Marissa Compian, freshman, biology pre-med major 


“I would, but I feel like I would get trampled and die, potentially.”

Casey Coulter, freshman, theater major

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