Five makeup gurus that every girl should love

For a girl just starting out in the world of makeup, things can get quite confusing. The endless aisles of cosmetics can be daunting, and even stepping foot in a Sephora store can be bewildering if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Having previously been that confused girl trying to explore the world of cosmetics, I have now realized how easy and affordable makeup can actually be. So in hopes of being able to help some others out with cosmetics, I have compiled a list of five makeup experts who can help you become more knowledgeable and give you different options for your makeup routine.

1. Chrisspy

Chrisspy is one of the many beautiful faces of ipsy, which is a company that brands itself on bringing trial sized beauty products to customers. When she isn't blogging on the ipsy website you can find her channel on YouTube where she has over 700,000 subscribers.

She provides viewers with in-depth instructions on how to create each of her makeup looks. While many women who provide advice on makeup specialize in one certain style, Chrisspy shows a variety of different makeup styles ranging from bold looks with eye popping colors, to very basic looks that enhance a woman’s natural beauty.

2. Beautybyjj

Beautybyjj is another channel on YouTube that I would recommend if you are looking to find out more about makeup. She provides makeup looks to suit any time. One of the things I personally like about her channel is that she sorts her makeup looks by occasion, so if you’re looking for something for the fall, spring and every event in between, there’s a tutorial for you.

Not only does she have specific makeup tutorials, but she also helps viewers decide which makeup is best to use together, such as in her video, “Choosing The Right Blush Color for your Lipstick,” which could be helpful if you're trying to create your own makeup look. She even has a tutorial about the makeup products she recommends for those who are just starting out in the makeup world titled, “A Makeup Beginner’s Starter Kit.”

3. Michelle Phan

Michelle is another makeup guru that you can find on YouTube. While she also provides an array of different makeup looks for each person, there is an important yet unique step, which she takes in many of her videos that is a crucial part of helping people who may be new to the makeup world. Instead of simply applying her makeup she takes the time to explain exactly why each step is important, which without explanation can be confusing even to a seasoned makeup artist.

4. Cassandra Bankson (DimondsandHeels14)

Cassandra Bankson is a makeup guru specializing in one of the hardest aspects of makeup - covering up acne-prone skin. She has multiple makeup tutorials that will help you cover up your blemishes and acne scars. She provides easy to follow steps to a flawless face.

Bankson puts an emphasis on buying products that do not have a lot of harmful chemicals, and instead provides insight about products that will help you achieve a flawless look without breaking your face out even worse. If keeping not only yourself, but also animals safe is important to you she also has a few videos such as, “Cruelty Free Cosmetics!! 5 Of My Favorite Products On Talkin Tuesday! Cassandras Natural Tips.” This video explores many of the makeup options out there that will be good for your skin, and do not test on animals.

5. Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis is my personal favorite makeup guru. Her channel on YouTube has over 2,000,000 subscribers and is the channel that originally turned me on to makeup. Lauren explores many different dramatic makeup looks that can be worn on various occasions.

She specializes in her ability to help viewers make their eyes pop through her very in-depth tutorials that use a variety of different cosmetic products. While her videos do appeal to someone who already has some prior makeup knowledge, her tutorials will leave you with an extensive knowledge of many makeup and cosmetic products. If you are new to the world of makeup, I would highly recommend checking out her videos - her tutorials will leave you feeling beautiful all day and into the night.

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