Four ways to put a spin on your Thanksgiving celebration

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, many of us are going home to celebrate with family and friends and to bask in good food and cheer.

Serving the traditional turkey with stuffing smothered in gravy is nice, but if you’re looking for some different ways to celebrate and give thanks this year, you've stumbled upon the right article, here are four things a family can do on Thanksgiving.

1. Game Night

Put on your game face, and not in the traditional football sense. A personal favorite in my family is to host game night. Instead of having guests bring a dish to pass, my family encourages guests to bring their favorite board game.

Your family could play a game of Catch Phrase with 30-plus people or a 6-hour game of monopoly which brings nothing but fun. Be sure to bring games that all ages can enjoy. Game night could become such a hit with your family that it could be incorporated it into your Holiday celebrations too.

2. Have a fiesta

If you’re tired of the same old pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving, elect to have a fiesta instead. Search the Internet for some Mexican dishes, buy a piñata for your younger family members and have a great time. The piñata can be shaped like a turkey to keep the Thanksgiving spirit.

It’s a fun spin on the traditional Thanksgiving, and guests who may be traveling from one house to the next will be thankful to see some different kinds of food.

3. Give Thanks

No matter if you are celebrating with your immediate family or just a few friends, giving thanks can be a humbling and fun experience that lets you connect with your family even more. During dinner, go around to each individual and have them say what they are thankful for. Many of the things you give thanks for will help spark conversations and take everyone on a walk down memory lane.

4. Decorate the Christmas Tree

After the turkey has been eaten and the leftovers are in the fridge, pull out the Christmas tree and tinsel. Since this may be the only time that your family is altogether until Christmas, you can start to decorate the tree together. This could be a fun experience for your family and it will get you all in the Christmas spirit.

The most important thing to do on Thanksgiving is to spend time together with people you love.

Regardless of whether it is your whole family, just a few people or your friends, Thanksgiving is a time to create memories, reminisce and give thanks for all of the good things from the year.

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