Students get their jazz on at the Sky Lounge

The Arts and Entertainment Team for Campus Life gave students a taste of the roaring twenties on Thursday at the Sky Lounge. The nightclub scene offered students live music, dancing and refreshments.

Attendees were welcomed by cool blue lights and the deep, throaty voice of Heather Schwartz, the lead singer of the band the Heather Black Project. The band has performed at Sky Lounge for the three years it has been held.

“I wasn’t even aware that this was happening,” said sophomore Dylan Delikta. “I just stumbled upon it and now I am having a great time eating and watching people dance.”

From the amateur to the advanced, dancers from every level showed up. Students from Eastern Michigan University’s swing class took the floor and showed off their skills.

Many students showed up in their dancing clothes, men in bow ties and girls in swingy skirts and bright lipstick.

“The atmosphere is pretty chill and it’s entertaining,” said freshman Anastatia Baumgardner.

For some the event offered a chance to be entertained and for others a genuine interest in jazz brought them out.

“Jazz soothes my soul,” said freshman Michael Rafo.

This lounge is just one of five Campus Life cycles throughout the school year. Senior Kalandria Robinson serves as the project manager for all the lounges.

“A pretty consistent crowd comes,” said Robinson. “We get a lot of freshmen wondering what it’s about. A lot of students come out to actually swing dance.”

Along with Sky Lounge, students can attend Lyric Lounge, Open Mic Lounge and Laugh Lounge, all held on Thursday nights as part of the EMU After Dark Series. The next lounge is Lyric Lounge on Thursday, Nov. 13.

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