EMU hosts Benefits & Wellness Fair


Eastern Michigan University’s Human Resources department organized a Benefits & Wellness Fair that took place Friday afternoon at the Student Center Ballroom.

Hillary Stark, EMU HR project assistant said the Benefits & Wellness Fair gives benefit-eligible employees the opportunity to interact with all of EMU’s vendors. Attendees were able to ask questions and learn about the services that are offered on campus, in relation to health and wellness.

“It’s really a good PR event to help people see what we have and what we offer,” Stark said.

She said EMU offers health insurance, dental insurance, vision, flexible spending accounts, health savings accounts, life insurance and other services.

Cristina Davis, patient service representative for University Health Services in Snow Health Center, said they are promoting employee wellness by providing free flu shots and informing fair guests of the University Health Services pharmacy, which is available to students and faculty to refill prescriptions on campus.

Cheryl Borders, Aetna account manager who specializes in life and disability said she wants employees to understand what benefits are available with life insurance and disability insurance.

“It’s not something everyone thinks about daily,” said Borders. “I just want to make sure people are clear on what their benefits are and answer any questions.”

EMU graduate student Danny Jones, co-director at EMU’s Psychology Clinic said their office was involved with the fair to let people know about the services offered at the psychology clinic.

“We are different from the Snow Health Clinic,” said Jones. “We’re a community clinic, we provide services to students or staff or anyone from the community.”

Jones said the Psychology Clinic offers therapy services and psychological assessment services to assess people for various neuropsychological conditions such as ADHD or learning disabilities.

EMU senior Michael Haumesser, majoring in Sport Performance and Fitness Entrepreneurship, was a member of the Health Promotion & Human Performance vendor, evaluating the three major areas of fitness: strength, cardiovascular and flexibility.





Haumesser said his organization offers activities including using a hand dynamometer that tests grip strength, a sit and reach box and a step test that tests heart rate.

Sally Hymes, Sam’s Club membership coordinator, said as one of the vendors she hopes employees will take advantage of a membership that will provide members with a lot of items to choose from, such as clothing and toys.

Hymes said right now they are promoting their partner membership program. EMU employees who sign up for a Sam’s Club membership get a $10 gift card.

EMU administrative secretary in dining services Marion Laskowski said she attended the fair for the insurance and to get updated information on it.

“It [insurance] is open enrollment. I have to make choices and decisions,” Lasowski said.

It is currently the open enrollment period at EMU for benefits. Open enrollment is from Oct. 31 until Nov. 15. During this time, benefit members can make changes in insurance coverage, add an eligible dependent to insurance or remove a dependent, enroll in a Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account.

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