EMU's women's swim and diving team has strong victory at EMU invitational

Eastern Michigan University’s women’s swim and diving team left with a strong victory at the EMU invitational with 908 points. The swim and diving team beat out Mid-American Conference rival Bowling Green State University by 8 points.

The performance for both the morning and evening sessions were strong, never finishing anything lower than fifth in every race.

The next competition will be in Miami, Florida, Jan. 4, 2015. 

EMU Individual Results

200-yard Medley Relay
4. MacLean, Worthley, Jackson, Ghaffari1:45.42
8. Mitcheltree, Dorszewski, Garringer, Wagner1:47.93
400-yard Individual Medley
5. Burtch, Audra4:30.97
9. Van Allen, Grace4:32.31
14. Daniel, Clarice4:45.88
16. Murslack, Allison4:49.80
100-yard Butterfly
1. Godlewski, Jessie55.65*
2. Jackson, Carly56.62
9. Ghaffari, Sara57.79
11. Garringer, Makenzie58.25
200-yard Freestyle
5. Detro, Becca1:52.74
9. Wagner, Sierra1:55.03
14. Yockey, Rosalie1:57.62*
17. Saddler, Abby1:58.65*
100-yard Breaststroke
4. Dorszewski, Monica1:04.50
5. Worthley, Genna1:05.59
10. Wimmer, Emily1:06.04
100-yard Backstroke
4. Mitcheltree, Alexis58.16
11. Shaw, Haley59.40
14. Aumiller, Abby59.74
16. MacLean, Mary Kate1:00.27
800-yard Freestyle Relay
1. Wagner, Godlewski, Detro, Van Allen7:31.12
4. Dorszewski, Jackson, Burtch, Yockey7:40.13
3-meter Diving
1. Dark, Lauren329.80
3. Saya, Melynee308.30
4. Taylor, Karly291.05
6. Shereda, Alli268.80*
200-yard Freestyle Relay
3. Ghaffari, Godlewski, Van Allen, MacLean1:34.31
4. Wagne,r Detro, Mitcheltree, Garringer1:35.44
500-yard Freestyle
1. Burtch, Audra4:57.32
3. Dorszewski, Monica5:00.98
5. Jackson, Carly5:02.84
12. Detro, Becca5:07.28
200-yard Individual Medley
3. Godlewski, Jessie2:05.31
9. Van Allen, Grace2:09.05
10. Garringer, Makenzie2:09.54*
16. Daniel, Clarice2:13.78
50-yard Freestyle
4. MacLean, Mary Kate23.72
8. Ghaffari, Sara24.08
9. Wagner, Sierra24.44
13. Saddler, Abby24.64
400-yard Medley Relay
3. Mitcheltree, Dorszewski, Godlewski, MacLean3:46.59
4. Shaw, Worthley, Jackson, Ghaffari3:49.82

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