Last minute gift ideas

With this semester coming to an end and the holidays right around the corner, it’s crunch time you get all of your shopping done. There are many great deals and sales going on so it’s the best time to prepare for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate by finding the perfect gifts.

Here is a gift guide to help out anyone who doesn't know what to get for their loved ones this holiday season.

  • 1.PJ’s

Pajama sets are great for your grandma, mom, friends, or pretty much anyone. PJ’s are something that most people don’t want to buy themselves but love having. Some popular places to buy cute pajama sets would be Victoria’s Secret, Land’s End, Kohl’s or Target and a good add-on would be slippers for the complete package.

  • 2.Coffee Mug or Thermos

This is great for anyone who drinks coffee. A thoughtful coffee mug with the person’s favorite character on it or a nice quote is not too expensive but is still a great gift. As an add-on you can pair the cup with a small box of K-cups or a small bag of coffee beans depending on what kind of coffee maker they use. You can buy these from any grocery store, Amazon or has a large variety as well.

  • 3.Video Games

This gift is great for any gamer like your brother, your sister or a significant other. There are tons of new games for any system that they might have and a good add-on would be a controller because often times gamers like more than one so other people can play with them. You can go to a store like GameStop for all of your video game desires.

  • 4.Toys

When it comes to your kids, younger siblings, or cousins, you can almost never go wrong with toys. From Frozen, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Furreal Friends, baby dolls, and Legos there are endless possibilities. There is nothing a kid likes more than opening up a new toy, so all you have to do is find out what characters or movies they like. Check out store like Toys R’ Us, Target or Walmart for the best deals and add on there favorite kind of candy for the ultimate kid gift.

  • 5.Perfume or Cologne

This is great for parents, your aunt, uncle or friend. Great stores for this are Bath and Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, or Macy’s. It’s a wonderful luxury gift that doesn't even have to cost that much depending on what kind you get. As long as it smells nice, a guy or a girl will really appreciate it and you can add on the matching lotion or shower gel.

  • 6.Hat

A hat is good for dad, grandpa, cousins, friends, or anyone who wears them. Weather they wear beanies, baseball hats, or fedoras just find them one in their favorite color or team and they are sure to like it. Lids is a good place for sports teams hats, but you can get hats from almost anywhere. A good add-on could be a matching t-shirt.

  • 7.Jewelry

Of course jewelry is always great for anyone, especially mom, your sister, lover, or even the guys would enjoy a nice watch or something like that. You can go the more expensive route at Kay Jewelers or Swarovski, but if you cannot spend quite as much and still want to get nice jewelry, you can go to places like JC Penney. You can add on a mini jewelry box to make it even more special.

  • 8.A Book

You need a gift for a reader. What could be better than a book? It could be one that you recommend, one you know they would want to read, or something more personal like a devotional or a lifestyle book. Barnes and Noble is a good place to look for the right book. Add a book light or a bookmark to make it even more perfect.

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