The Kellman Khronicles

In the depths of the mysterious King Hall lies an office, one labeled only by the black numbers 225. The door at the end of the hall is closely guarded by Eric Clapton and holds many secrets within. Secrets that are now being brought to the light for the first time.

Tucked away in the coldest corner of a building nobody visits, there are few adventurers brave enough to enter the office of Keith Kellman, math aficionado.

Among those few are, a naval officer in the works, freelance makeup artist, frequent hugger and hater of the French language, a parody singer/songwriter and inventor of non-offensive exclamations, the extraordinarily tall nomadic-like visitor, and myself.

As inhabitants of this magical place we have vastly different personalities, but each of us share a common trait; we all belong to the Early College Alliance program at Eastern Michigan University. We are high school students taking college classes on campus spending our time in only a few ways when not in class: studying, sleeping, looking for food, or waiting for a ride home.

Our merry band of six has found shelter in Room 225, though not without a price.

Daily bombardment from struggling math students, hunger pains, jazz music, political quandaries, and a plague of cold air are dealt with in return for blankets, food, comfy chairs, and free printing.

Each day brings a new battle and a new triumph. I shall take up the mantle of scribe, recording the rich and magnificent history of a forgotten office. I present to you: the Kellman Khronicles. 

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