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“I do think that climate change is a real issue. It’s obvious that our climate is changing because of they way the weather has been. This winter’s definitely been kind of odd. It started kind of late, but past years can kind of show it’s not really consistent. I think something is definitely going on and I think we should definitely be looking into it and doing what we can to, maybe, help it. I don’t think, at this point, we can really change much of what’s going on. It’s already to far to be able to reverse what’s going on, but I think we should do what we can to slow the process of any kind of negative affects we’ve been having on the environment.”

Brianna Booth, biology, sophomore


Climate change is a hot topic in current events, even being mentioned in the State of the Union Address. The Echo asked students, “Do you think that climate change is a real issue that Americans should be worried about? Why? Or why not?”


“I absolutely do, because I think most people are kind of short-sighted and only want to think about what’s going to happen in our lifetime. But we have to leave the earth in a livable format for other people.”

Rick Carlisle, marketing, senior 


“I’m English and they don’t make as much of a deal about it on the news in England as they do here. So we don’t really hear a lot about it at home.”

Bethany Knight, political science, senior


“I believe it is an issue that America should be worried about, because as the temperature changes, the climate will change, and when the climate changes we will have new issues to face, such as the lifestyle we live will be altered by the things we use, because the environment we’ve created for ourselves is based on the specific climate and if we don’t pay attention to the fact that it’s changing we’ll be, suddenly, surprised when everything goes in a different direction and won’t be able to handle it. So, at least keeping an eye on it, and if we can’t change it, at least making it work for ourselves will be a lot easier in the long run.”

Kaitlyn Hirsch, creative writing, sophomore


“Well I certainly think it’s a real issue that we should be concerned about because there is just so much evidence about it going on and since we are such a big player in what happens with the world right now, we should definitely take steps to fix it. I mean we are so developed. China is causing a lot of pollution itself, but we also have a lot of industry that is contributing to that. So, I think if we take big steps to fix that the rest of the world would, hopefully, follow or footsteps and we could fix that for everyone and not end up in a very dangerous situation with our lives.”

Evan Milan, history, junior


“I’m not sure. I don’t worry about it that much. I don’t know anything about it.”

Dane Smith, undecided, freshman

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