HSC helps students succeed

The Holman Success Center is a valuable resource to have at Eastern Michigan University. Located in room G04 of the Bruce T. Halle Library, it is easily accessible to all students.

HSC offers many services that can be useful to students in their academic lives, such as study tables in the library, tutoring, success coaching and supplemental instruction.

The study tables, located in the South Commons on the first floor of Halle, have computers and staff support available and are open to all EMU students.

“If you need help or just need a quiet place to study, the tables are great for that,” said Natalie Kittikul, a higher education and student affairs graduate student.

Kittikul and other graduate students help make the center a success by providing supplemental instruction, workshops and tutoring for those who feel they need it.

“The Holman Success Center is having graduate assistants do workshops based on the holistic view of student development. So like time management and knowing your resources,” she said. “‘A Happier EMU’ is one of the workshop titles. Happier as in wellness, just all the aspects of wellness.”

She also said that HSC offers student employment for those who have a desire to help others succeed through supplemental instruction, another free service offered to currently enrolled undergraduates. Trained leaders facilitate weekly study sessions and support classes for which special instruction is offered.

To be a special instruction leader, a student must have a strong desire to help others succeed academically, be an upperclassman with 25 or more credits, have earned a B+ or better in the course of choice, enrolled at least half-time and complete an application to include a professor recommendation.

“Anyone who has taken a class and excelled in it can retake the class as an elective and get paid for that time,” Kittikul said. “Those students then teach a group of students to also excel in the class. The idea is students mentoring students.”

There are three options for tutoring: drop-in tutoring at the study tables, departmental tutoring and online tutoring.

Some other programs that the Center offers are Gameday Rewards and the Winter Workshop Series and a recently launched resource application called iGraduate.

“The possibilities are endless,” Kittikul said. “We just hope to help students develop skills and to be more successful, academically and all around in all their personal and professional aspects.”

To find out more about the Holman Success Center and how it can benefit collegiate life visit http://www.emich.edu/hsc/.

Study Table Hours

Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Saturday Closed
Sunday 3 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

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