Student Senate meeting, Jan. 17

In an attempt to avoid last year’s Student Government election controversy, Eastern Michigan University’s Student Senate is preparing for the 2015 election now.

The Election Commission is working to put together a committee to run this year’s election. The committee members can be any university student as long as he or she is not a candidate in the election. Election Commission Representative Jacob Butterfield is working with Student Body President Desmond Miller, Faculty Advisor Perry Francis and the Student Body Senate to come up with the committee members.

Butterfield is collaborating with two other individuals, and Francis and Miller are also working with people they would like to see on the committee.

“I want to make sure everything is run properly and smoothly,” Miller said.

Butterfield asked the Senate to have their nominations by the next Senate meeting.

Executive business

Miller has been working on executive reports including raising the pay for the next president and vice president, increasing the budget for water bottling stations and choosing the four Martin Luther King Jr. Award recipients.

Student Body Vice President Steven Cole reported getting a second College of Business shuttle during finals week last semester. It is an item he would like to permanently institute to solve the COB commute problem for students living on campus.

Committee business

In the committee reports, the Academic and Student Relations committee said they would not be having Down with Cupid this year. The decision not to hold this event came because there was no space for it to be held and interest has fluctuated over the past few years. They will also not be holding Know Your Rights because another organization is hosting a similar event.

The committee will hold an event called Don’t Blame it on the Alcohol to raise awareness about drinking and intoxication levels. They are also trying to decide where to place two of the five water-bottling systems that will be installed on campus.

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