Making friends in college

A lot of people tend to think that when you get to college, you automatically find a person that ends up becoming your best friend. After all, we see it all the time in movies and books. But college life isn’t always like Hollywood. It takes time to make friends and sometimes it is even better to already have friends prior to attending college.

A common question that most people have when they get to college is if they will ever find their best friend. For those still seeking an answer to that question, here are some ideas.

Making friends can be a difficult challenge and there are times when you might feel as if you are completely alone, especially in college where the classes are bigger. There are many more students and you also have to adjust to life in the dorms. However, there are ways to tell if that friend you made in class may be the best friend you were looking for.

For example, if your classmate is willing to meet with you after classes, email you about missing assignments or even Skype chat in order to assist you in getting things done, then chances are you have a best friend on your hands.

This person will go above and beyond to assist you and is the best person to have when it comes to group assignments. Classmates tend to be the first set of people college students make friends with, and it’s even easier if you already know some of the people sharing classes with you.

Then there are the people you spend time with in the dorms. Someone who takes the time to hang out with you in the dorm or go to a campus activity with you is definitely a person to consider as a best friend. It can be especially gratifying for those who have social anxieties to have someone who genuinely cares about and wants to spend time with them without worrying about being awkward or feeling left out.

Some people who go to college however come prepared, having a friend or two they’ve known throughout high school that ends up at the same college they are.

However this isn’t always the case and if your friends end up going to a different school than you it can be hard to maintain that friendship. Therefore, making friends in college is a very important thing to do, not to mention beneficial on the long run.

Getting to know people in college may seem like a daunting task at first, but once you know your way around campus and get to know some of your classmates, having a group of best friends isn’t far behind.

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