Mister and Mississippi we only part to meet again

Mister and Mississippi, a band from the Netherlands, released its second album late last month. The indie/folk band is made up of four members: Maxime Barlag and Samgar Jacobs on vocals and Danny van Tiggele and Tom Broshuis on guitar.

The new album, produced by Reyn Ouwehand, holds many of the same elements the band’s debut album did; the songs are forlorn and melancholy, though on occasion, some of the tracks hold a little hope for happiness. However, “We Only Part To Meet Again” shows far more depth in the group, more complex ideas and better-developed songs.

“Meet Me At The Lighthouse” opens the album with a strong, catchy beat and the more hopeful concept of love. Barlag leads the vocals, her sweet, emotional voice nicely accented by Jacobs. The drums and guitar complement each other in pace and melody, making for a lovely tune to start off the tracklist.

The two-year gap since their self-titled debut was released has given Mister and Mississippi time to grow into something great. The soft but dramatic harmonies between Barlag and Jacobs’ voices infuse the songs with power while the simplified guitar riffs laced with electronic background carry the tunes through the album.

A very welcome presence of drums and small percussion instruments add a touch of rhythm and steady beat to the songs; the track “Shape Shifter” is far more exciting and intriguing with shakers holding a faster pace in the background.

The album is strongly influenced by other indie artists, such as Bon Iver and Damien Jurado; the songs all reflect slightly forlorn ideas and a very simple use of instruments to make an impact. This mood remains constant throughout the entire album, making for a somewhat repetitive listening experience. While Mister and Mississippi is a good band and is getting stronger, it has yet to produce something really different and exceptional.

Grade: B MINUS

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