Why you should see The Vagina Monologues

It’s nearly impossible not to have heard: V Month is staking its claim in February at Eastern Michigan University with events as varied as the numerous topics covered in its main event, The Vagina Monologues.

This will be my third year attending the annual Valentine’s Day weekend event and I couldn’t be more excited. I remember 2013’s slogan “One Billion Rising,” representing the statistic that one in three women, or 1/6 of our global population, will be raped, molested or sexually assaulted in some way at least once in her life. It hit me hard and I’ve proudly sported a “Vagina Warrior” button on my bag ever since.

The monologues cover a plethora of issues of what it means to be a woman. All are more than valid and worthy of their place in the Vagina Monologues. Yet I feel that one of the most prevalent issues is the horrific violence done to women in the past and still done today. Raising that particular voice and advocating for these women is something all people can easily rally under together.

While The Vagina Monologues is, by definition, centered around all those who identify as women, people make the mistake in thinking that it is a “female event.” But this only perpetuates division and the ever-present view of woman as the “other.” We, as diverse communities in today’s culture, are meant to join together to celebrate these voices — stress on the togetherness. Guys, come with your partner — it is on the weekend of Valentine’s Day — or with a group of friends, or by yourself if it’s your only option. Come to support your global sisters whether you personally know one of those one in three women, you are an equal rights activist or you are just curious to know what the event Eastern’s campus has been holding for the last fourteen years is all about.

While The Vagina Monologues — opening next Thursday — is the main event that I would encourage everyone to attend, the Women’s Resource Center on campus has expanded a weekend’s performance into a series of events throughout the month. Perhaps the most notable will be “Our Voices” which will present the monologues of the women here on our campus. Increasing the amount of voices heard until the violence ends is probably exactly what Vagina Monologues playwright Eve Ensler would want. Forget about what’s more convenient for your time or what gets you some LBC credit or not and help support and stand up for the voices rising up this February.

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