Women's golf places second in Florida

The top seeded Eastern Michigan University women’s golf team placed second in Mid-American Conference match play in Lakewood, Fla., Tuesday.

The Eagles beat Bowling Green State University in the semi-finals but lost to fourth seeded Northern Illinois in the semifinals.

Match play is different from stroke play in how scores are compiled and how a winner is determined. Each hole is worth one point, strokes are counted and the golfer with the lowest stroke count receives the point for that hole. If there is a tie then the score is halved. Once a player has a score higher than the amount of holes left to play then the match ends.

Schools are competing in teams of five with the seeds determined by their current GolfStat rankings. Each match accounts for one point to the winner. After five matches, the school with the most points is named the winner.

Eastern will be back at the tees Saturday, Feb. 28, in the Red Rocks Invitational in Sedona, Ariz.

Tournament Order of Finish, (provided by EMU Athletics)

1. #4 Northern Illinois (3-0)

2. #1 Eastern Michigan (2-1)

3. #3 Bowling Green (2-1)

4. #2 Western Michigan (1-2)

5. #6 Akron (1-1-1) ^

6. #5 Ohio (1-1-1)

7. #7 IPFW (1-2)

8. #8 Central Michigan (0-3)

^won the tiebreaker over Ohio with total holes up (7-2)

Semifinals (based on a shortened round of nine holes)

Eastern Michigan 3, Bowling Green 2

Fran Rodriguez def. Kylie Raines, 3&1

Thelma Beck def. Hannah Lewis, 3&2

Lois Schoof def. Mikayla Baer, 2&1

Patricia Holt def. Karyn Lee Ping, 3&2

Kelsey Murphy def. Shelby Wilson, 2-up

Northern Illinois def. Western Michigan, 4-2

Ohio def. IPFW, 5-0

Akron def. Central Michigan, 5-0

Finals (based on a shortened round of nine holes)

Northern Illinois 3, Eastern Michigan, 2

Kylie Raines def. Peyton Gunnison, 2&1

Sam Coyne def. Thelma Beck, 2&1

Sydney Brickey def. Lois Schoof, 3&2

Karyn Lee Ping def. Connie Ellett, 1-up

Lena Gautier def. Kelsey Murphy, 3&2

IPFW def. Central Michigan, 3.5-1.5

Akron and Ohio tied, 2.5-2.5

Bowling Green def. Western Michigan, 4-1

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