Blogging, why everyone should try it

Blogs have hit the world by storm. Blogging has allowed everyone a voice not only to share their passions, but also to engage with other people in the “blogosphere” about them.

There are blogs about sports, food, romance and pretty much any topic you can think of, even the news.

While many people feel that blogging may someday replace journalism, sophomore public relations major Daizchane Baker thinks otherwise.

“Blogging will not replace journalism entirely, but it will enhance the industry,” said Baker, a blogger since 2013.

Her College Girl Dai lifestyle blog has opened doors that allow her be to contacted by brands wanting her to test and review their products as well as the opportunity to write for Teen Vogue’s blog.

While Baker doesn’t see herself as a journalist, she does enjoy certain journalistic aspects like creatively presenting news content and sparking reader engagement.

College Girl Dai began as a place to write about the college experience.

 “The blog became more than that quickly,” Baker said.

Bloggers have the opportunity to become larger than life. The Pioneer Woman blog has turned author Ree Drummond from a housewife and mother of three, living on a ranch in Oklahoma into the face of the Food Network, on weekdays at 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Other bloggers have become celebrities through nefarious ways like gossiping and getting into celebrity feuds like the controversial Perez Hilton.

Hilton has been under scrutiny for many things like harassing Ariana Grande over hairstyle choices and cocaine usage, bullying Khloe Kardashian and publicly outing gay celebrities before they were ready to come out.

Shawn Jenkins, an engineering major, doesn’t waste his time reading blogs with negativity.

“Helpful blogs and informational ones,” said Jenkins about his blog reading preferences.

Jenkins reads blogs that matter to him like ones about Ann Arbor area news.

Daizchane Baker’s favorite blogs to read include NYC PR Girls, Flux and Flow and A Beautiful Mess.

She said that if you want to blog you should find a passion and write about it.

“Don’t worry about the stats or how many people are reading,” said Baker.

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