Eagle on the street March 29

March is recognized as National Reading Month by public schools across the country. In the spirit of reading, The Echo asked students: “What is your favorite or least favorite word and why?”

“I feel my most favorite word would be juxtaposition, because I guess it sounds like I’m saying just-a-position, even though it is actually comparing two things. That’s just my position on it.”

Brandon Prater, junior, hotel and restaurant management

“I like the word spiffy, because it means cool and nobody uses it anymore.”

Candice Potts, junior, psychology

“I say fuck a lot. I would say that’s my favorite word just because it explains everything. Even if I’m really happy or if I’m really mad. I find myself saying it a lot when I’m happy and I find myself saying it a lot when I’m upset.”

Tikeya George, sophomore, criminal justice

“Can’t, as in I can’t. When I hear the word can’t, it’s like saying someone is not eligible to do something or that they don’t have the ability. And I think anyone has the ability to do whatever they put their mind to.”

Jasmine Stout, freshman, social work

“My favorite word is competent, because I come from another country and I need the competence with other people to talk in English because I’m not native. The word that I don’t like is selfish, because I don’t really like selfish people and I want to make friends.”

Minjung Chung, senior, computer information systems

“My favorite word is excellent and my least favorite word is can’t. I like excellent because I feel as if it’s a word that leads you to something. It’s not necessarily a state of being, but more of striving to become that. Can’t is similar to that. If you can’t solve a problem I feel like you just haven’t tried enough times to overcome that issue or challenge. So, can’t is just literally giving up on it instead of continuing on until that word is irrelevant.”

Bilal Ali, senior, international affairs

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