Workshop to promote natural hair

Eastern Michigan University’s Natural Authentic Passionate Stylist student organization will hold its second natural hair workshop, MANEtain: Styling 101 at 7 p.m. on Wednesday in room 301 of the Student Center.

Students are asked to bring a favorite styling product to share with the group.

Students will cycle through three to four 20-minute presentations where they will learn styling and maintenance tips. After each presentation, they will watch a short video that deals with the topic for each group. Current and prospective members of NAPS will lead the presentations.

Junior Shaina Johnson, NAPS president and founder, said the workshop is for anyone with textured hair.

“If you’re really having a hard time trying to figure out how to maintain your hair or trying to figure out other styling ideas, it would be a good idea to come out,” she said. “It’s very informational for those transitioning to natural hair or who already have it and aren’t sure what to do with their hair.”

Freshman Amtheyst Floyd, a French major, said she likes the idea of a class for textured hair.

“I was never taught anything about my hair,” she said. “I just see products but they never actually explain anything. So I think it would be an important class for people. Hair is important.”

NAPS’s first workshop, Hair Basics 101, was held in January. It had a panel discussion and a workshop focused on textured hair basics.

Johnson said natural hair should be embraced. She said societal pressures discourage curly haired girls from keeping their natural texture. 

“It’s what you’re born with, it’s what comes out of your head, it’s natural,” she said.

Johnson also said a lack of education makes some girls change their hair texture.

“They don’t know how to properly do it,” she said. “Or, they don’t have enough motivation. They’ll start and then they’re like ‘Oh this is too hard.’ So it’s that lack of having the tips and the tools and the education on how to properly deal with their hair.”

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