New artist to look forward to this spring

Charlie Belle, an alternative/indie pop group from Austin, Texas, is one to watch in 2015. Having released its debut EP “Get To Know” this January, the young band showcases a cute, catchy style that embodies a summer of adolescence.

The band is made up of Jendayi Bonds on guitar, her brother Gyasi Bonds on drums and Lola Carroll on bass. Jendayi sings lead vocals, mixing in some harmonies from her brother and Carroll to give some depth to their music. Jendayi’s sweet and soft voice wraps around easy guitar riffs and a light drumbeat for a perfect breezy feeling.

The simplistic style of Charlie Belle does not leave it lacking; the band grabs at a very undemanding, mild kind of music that makes them easy to listen to. The words bounce cheerfully around, filled with well-known and likable ideas of love and friendship.

Charlie Belle is slowly gaining recognition since the release of “Get To Know” and a debut album is hopefully around the corner. In the meantime, the Austin trio’s upbeat, lively songs are some worth looking out for this summer.

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