Office of Nutrition Services has second annual 5k and open house

The Office of Nutrition Services will hold its second annual 5K Fun Run and Open House. Registration for the run. The Open House will start at 3 p.m. and the run will start at 4 p.m. Wednesday at the ONS offices, 108 Roosevelt Hall.

Allison Jay, registered dietitian and supervisor at the ONS, said the ONS is raising awareness of nutrition for National Nutrition Month.

“When we think about overall lifestyle changes and healthy lifestyles, it’s a lot of nutrition,” Jay said. “But it has a lot of do with physical activity. You can’t really forget about that.”

ONS partnered with the Rec/IM to create the route for the run which will go through campus and start and end in front of Roosevelt Hall.

Runners will be split into three groups: students, faculty and staff, and community members. The first male and female runner in each of the groups will get to choose a prize. Every runner will get a free T-shirt.

“You don’t have to run the whole time, it’s wherever you’re at,” Sarah Purcell, graduate dietetic student, said. “If you need to walk the 5K that’s fine. Or maybe you jog and run or whatever. There’s no pressure to sprint the whole thing.”

Students do not need to participate in the run to get prizes or attend the Open House. Sarah Partch, junior dietetic student, said the Open House is like a nutrition party.

ONS is partnering with organizations on EMU’s campus and businesses in the local community. Students will get samples, gift cards and prizes from vendors like Ypsilanti Running Co., Beezy’s, Aubree’s Depot Town, Peninsular Place and Eden Foods. Students can get their blood pressure checked by the Student Nurses Association and their body composition analyzed by ONS.

Thomas Murray, executive chef of EMU’s Dinning Services, will hold a cooking demo. ONS will also have recipes for students to take with them.

“We definitely want people to know about the Office of Nutrition Services. It’s a good opportunity for us to get our name out there, have people come to us and know where we are. But it’s National Nutrition Month so that’s the priority,” Jay said.

Register for the run by emailing the ONS office atchhsnutrition@emich.eduor calling at 734-487-6572.

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