Meet the 2015-2016 presidential candidates

Elections for student body president are March 25 and March 26. Here is an overview of the candidates.

Steven Cole

Junior Steven Cole is a political science major from Saline. He is focused on a tuition rebate incentive program, improving transportation without increasing the cost to students, public safety and technology. He served on the Senate at the end of his freshman year and has been on the executive board for the past two years. He is currently the student government vice president.

“I think it’s a really unique perspective and situation to be able to represent your fellow students and your fellow peers and take their concerns and effect positive change from that,” Cole said.

Cole is running with junior Anjali Martin, an international affairs major with a triple minor in music performance, French language and international business. She is also Student Government’s current director of media relations.

“Anjali is someone who can approach a situation and say ‘These are my thoughts’ and be respectful of an opposing viewpoint and come to some sort of middle ground solutions, which is what you need to do in the position,” Cole said. “But she also can be extremely focused. She generally seems interested in helping the students as well.”

Aimee Frey

Senior Aimee Frey is a pre-med student with a double major in political science and anthropology from Saline. She is focused on parking, technology and safety. She also wants to emphasize communication between administration and Student Government and between Student Government and students.

She served as a senator last school year and was part of the executive board for the fall 2015 semester.

“We believe in creating a strong foundation for future Student Government officials to really build off,” Frey said.

Frey is running with senior Joe Pernicano, a political science major.

“He really is involved in campus and is really interested in the well-being of students,” Frey said. “He is excited to get on board.”

Sabrina Ford

Junior Sabrina Ford is a political science major with a minor in marketing from Belleville. She is focused on restructuring the advising department, integrating EMU’s campus with the Ypsilanti community and supporting student organizations. She lived in Korea for two years as a Talk Scholar. She worked in marketing and development in Thailand and has worked as an advertising strategist for Google.

“I feel like I work with others with respect and am able to respect others opinions and facilitate a more harmonious student government,” Ford said.

Ford is running with senior Gabriel Stephen, a communications major with a minor in marketing.

“He has a very good heart, he has experience with working with people and he has experience in communication,” Ford said.

Jessica Howell

Senior Jessica Howell is a communications major from Morenci with a double minor in management and history. She is focused on bringing advocacy to victims of assault on campus and making the campus a safe place. She has served as an RA and OM and was president and founder of multiple clubs in high school.

“I personally didn't feel like I had enough of a voice on my campus,” Howell said. “I knew that if I was feeling that way other people had to feel that way.”

Howell is running with junior Shannon Moravec, a psychology major with a minor in religious studies.

“We had a lot of the same advocacy issues we were both riled about,” Howell said. “At the same time, we complement each other nicely. She has more concern in areas that I’m less aware of. Where she’s a little less on, I’m more in.”

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