2015's spring trends inspired by 1970's, bohemian and military chic styles

Don’t fear, for the spring 2015 fashion trends are here. This year’s spring trends clothes are a combination of bohemian, 1970s and military chic.

Fringe: This year’s fringe obsession has taken on a life of its own. Fringe can be versatile and is perfect for any look ranging from sexy grunge to girly with a hint of spunk. If you’re not comfortable wearing a bold fringe statement piece like a motorcycle jacket or boots with fringe, go for something subtle like a fringe bracelet, scarf or purse.

Marsala: This earthy red is the color of the season. It’s the first pantone color in a few years to be featured in both color palettes for spring and fall. It has become such a fan favorite because of its versatility. You can rock marsala eye shadow, blush or lipstick. It is a sexy neutral color that can make any outfit pop with color. There are so many shades of marsala the possibilities are endless.

The Fab 70s: The not-so-subtle 70s are back, but do not fear, there are no corduroys, puke greens or ugly browns trending this season. Whatever else was chic about this era was brought back into this decade though. It’s all about the high-waist flared pants, colored furs and retro lapel shapes.

Colored suede: Since the 1970s are the throwback decade for this year, it was only right for colored suede to be brought back. This trend is also very versatile. You can find suede boots, purses and rings to set your outfit off. If you want to go a little daring you can also find cute, colored suede shorts, tops or jackets to set your outfit off.

Chic safari: This trend features everything that you would wear on a safari but in the comfort and chaos of the big city. It’s all about camo-inspired prints, khaki trench coats and poncho coats. For a subtler hint of the trend, crocodile print or leather in your accessories will do.

Abnormal animal prints: Leopard print was a big trend this spring during fashion week. There were a lot of animal prints that made their way on the runway that were surprisingly chic. To stand out in the animal print craze, try to add some subtle sea creatures, scorpions and printed animal heads to your wardrobe. Whether it be a shirt with a zebra head on it or a blazer with a subtle jellyfish print, anything goes this year, so spike it up and try to make this trend your own.

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