Student government prepares for last student senate meeting

The Student Government held its internal affairs, public affairs, academic and student affairs and business and finance meetings Tuesday in the Student Center.

Director of academic and student affairs for Student Government Kalandria Robinson spoke to the Internal Affairs Committee about moving the Academic and Student Affairs office due to a miscommunication between Robinson and Senator Fatma Jaber.

Robinson said she unknowingly lost her room for the remainder of the semester. The room will now be used for Students for Justice in Palestine, a student organization.

The Internal Affairs committee decided Robinson could use their office space, room 204, for her committee meetings. Jaber will continue using room 304 for the rest of the semester. Brittany Cagle, Director of Services and Events, said Jaber spoke with President Desmond Miller about the office change.

The internal affairs committee passed S. Res.-101-12, 5-0, authored by Judicial Sergeant David Konarske and supported by Senator Joseph Pernicano. The resolution, Omnibus bylaw Amendments Act of 2015, will amend typographical errors in the Student Government Bylaws.

Konarske will fix errors including, "the inclusion of nonexistent sections," adding words that "are missing from the oath of office," fixing the placement of one section that "was misplaced in a previous bylaw amendment." He said the meaning of the bylaws will remain the same.

“It makes it simpler to understand if we just make the appropriate changes and it makes everyone takes us a little more seriously,” he said.

The Academic and Student Affairs Committee passed S.Res.-101-13, 2-0, authored by Senator John McAllister and supported by Senator Nathan Pyle. The resolution urges the Parking Department to adopt a policy of permitting free parking at on-campus meters on Saturdays and Sundays with a hang-tag. The policy will go into effect Fall 2015.

The Public Affairs Committee discussed suggestions for next year’s committee. Committee chair Eden Zimak said, “We want to broaden [the duties] to make sure they can be at the discretion of the chair depending on what the committee is passionate about at that time.”

Committee members are currently required to complete three hours registering student voters, and Zimak is looking for ways to change those requirements.

Senator Arhum Arshad presented B. Res- 101-013 to have Eastern’s Student Government back the Take on Hate campaign. The campaign is committed to ending discrimination against the Arab and Muslim-American community. The resolution does not require any action, but is a statement of support. It will be voted on at the summer summit.

At the Business and Finance meeting, three organizations were allocated funds:

Women’s club softball was granted $900 for their registration fees.

Diversion Dance Troupe was granted $1,032.25 for their 14th annual dance concert.

NAACP was granted $1,574.88 for their 15th Annual Image Awards.

After the meeting, there is $1,847 left in the budget for club sports allocations and $3,984.80 in the budget for student organization allocations.

The last Senate meeting will be held on 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in room 310 of the Student Center followed by the impeachment hearing at 8 p.m.

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